[Marxism] "Atheism is foundational to Marxism" (??)

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 8 18:17:49 MST 2006

Walter talked about "When Hugo Chavez prays to God for Fidel's health" and 
the corporate media have taken note of Chavez' acceptance speech where he 
said, "The Kingdom of Christ is the kingdom of love, of peace; the kingdom 
of justice, of solidarity, brotherhood, the kingdom of socialism. This is 
the kingdom of the future of Venezuela."

Neither of these things gives the slightest indication that Hugo Chavez 
isn't an atheist (although I'm not claiming he is or isn't). Telling someone 
who's sick that you're "praying for them" is, or can be, just an expression, 
like when someone exclaims "Thank God," something I'm sure most of us 
atheists have said at one time or another (if not regularly). Likewise, 
Chavez speaking about the "Kingdom of Christ" may be nothing more than his 
realization that the majority of his listeners and supporters are believers 
in that Kingdom, and using that fact to try to help them understand why the 
future he looks forward to for Venezuela is very much in tune with 
traditional ideas of Christianity (emphasis on the word "ideas"; the 
practice has been less than perfect).

Eli Stephens
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