[Marxism] Quiting Marxism, embracing what?

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Fri Dec 8 21:59:14 MST 2006

Joaquín wrote, "It is true, I am frustrated, but mostly by the unwillingness
of people who claim to be Marxists and even Trotskyists to look at reality,
to try to understand it, and adjust their political activity to it rather
than keeping on doing the same old thing with the faith that someday,
somehow reality will adjust itself to our activity."

Frankly, I have posed, reposed, and then tried posing upside down and
backwards the question of WHAT IS TO BE DONE...how does he propose to
"adjust their political activity"?

These assertions about an unwillingness to address reality or trying to
understand it is just meaningless without dealing in concretes.

Now, when I suggested that the Left should have been more aggressive in
addressing the government's obvious failure in dealing with Katrina, I was
told that it would be a mistake to take an initiative...that this should be
a matter for the present leadership of the black community.  I couldn't
disagree more.  John Brown got the same advice in some quarters.

Still, it is a respectable enough position....

But without hearing an alternative, the Left should sit around waiting with
our thumbs up our asses...Oh, yes, and blame ourselves for the fact that
nothing's happening.

Mark L.

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