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I've just been informed by the roman catholic priest-run management of my institution that i will not be allowed to rejoin the college after my leave (for research studies) ends. The reason? I recently married a lecturer who works at the same college, and it seems there is an unwritten policy that spouses won't be allowed to work at the same institution. 

I feel organized religion is just a mask for criminal subjugation of peoples' minds and their capacity for independent judgement and evaluation of the world around them. Children are brainwashed very young. The servility implicit in catholicism, to me, is much more than in Islam. Catholics are expected to worship the mortal gods (from the pope to the local priest) more than they worship so-called god. This is the spiritual and thus emotional and intellectual tyranny of the priest.


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Religion is a diversion. For instance, Roman catholicism is the fag-end of  
the Roman Empire.
That's apart from it being evil, read the Magdalene Laundry  and  Brideshead 
Revisited for instance. And the rampant paedophelia, otherwise  organised 
The basis of Marxism is to discard Capitalist ideaology and embrace  
Historical and Dialectical Materialism. It makes it easier to understand world  and 
local events
George Anthony
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