[Marxism] Cuba: Winning The War Against Imperialism (CPI-M, India)

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Dear comrade Walter, 

Dr. C P Chandrasekhar is an economist with a sensible, pro-people outlook. His articles regularly appear in the Indian media. Mostly, he writes on the economic aspects of India's pro-liberalization policy and its effects on India's  economy. Glad that he has written such a good article on Cuba. The general secretary of the CPI(M), comrade Prakash Karat, led the Indian Left delegation to the recent celebrations in Havana. Viva Cuba. Viva Fidel. Saluatations to the Cuban people. We adore and respect you.


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(Excellent analysis of how Cuba has succeeded in beating Washington's
blockade from a genuine mass party with a Marxist-Leninist outlook, a
party which holds government power in some parts of India. Detailed,
specific, and with no empty rhetoric. this essay is vital reading for all of us. 
The document is significantly longer than this, so I've placed only the final
section here. Marla? Other comrades from India? Please tell us more!)

Weekly Organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)
Vol. XXX No. 49

December 03, 2006


Cuba: Winning The War Against Imperialism 
C P Chandrasekhar 


With hindsight, the response of the Cuban government to this....

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