[Marxism] Gun control, justice & meat

mo leoneill at optonline.net
Sat Dec 9 02:03:14 MST 2006

"No wonder liberals have such a bad rap when they are so casually dismissive 
of something that is really quite necessary for a lot of people living on 
the raggedy edge, and is a pleasuable pasttime to boot."

"Hunting as a sport should also be taken seriously. Of course we were always
taught as children not to kill what you wouldn't eat, but I would say that
our family primarily used hunting as a recreational activity. I don't see
this as significantly less important than using it as a source of food or
income; people need to be entertained somehow"

"I've actually met very few in my 30 years of working for  a living where 
someone *doesn't*
own a firearm of some sort, and this includes some white-collar clerical 
as well. To a large degree this is an expression of the fear and alienation
that is almost total across the working class today. Feelings of 
alienation, isolation from neighbors, etc. It's all part of this formula."

"Gun control is a liberal's wet dream."

I diagree with the 3 writers quoted. I strongly feels we--all of us--need to 
fight for sane, strict gun control. Of all the industrialized and 
transitional nations, only America has refused to face the need for 
regulation of gun & amno ownership, its sale, storage, use and distribution. 
As someone who lives in a rural area, grew up hunting, I am very familiar 
with all the glorifications of guns, listing tradition, legacy, manly 
comraderie, father-son bonding and most speciously food gathering. I do not 
doubt that the thrill of the kill is fun..I grant you that stalking, braving 
the elements, its conducive fantasy of power, its illicit savagrey (drinking 
still warm blood,) the lively skill of eye-finger-balance coordination, in 
short its sport as entertainment.is not without its fans. But guns are not 
just inanimate amalgam of steel, (guns don't kill) but machines expressly 
made to deliver unforgiving lethality. The fact is that hunting has fallen 
so precipitiously in popular participation that the gun manufactureres, gun 
merchants and gun owner organizations are sponsoring all kinds of contests 
with neat give-aways, ipods etc to recruit kids to take up hunting and 
target shooting. They spend a great deal of money on proslyestizing shooting 
as a sport and are trying to reintroduce it in the schools (Columbine didn't 
help,) because they see the handwriting on the wall.

Where I live everybody, well most male ones, used to hunt, just 30 years ago 
most every truck was decorated with rifles across the rear window. Now few 
still hunt and when they do kill game they invariably give the meat away to 
food pantries or friends, neighbors. Hunting is very expensive. Not just the 
guns, but the ammo, the license, the safety classes, the LL Bean 
camoulflogue outfits, the thermal underclothing, heavy duty boots, rope, 
tags & all the outdoor equipement, Beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, pork, even 
bison is cheap. It doesn't take hours of messy, bloody work to throw a hot 
dog or steak on the barby. It is also a very expensive sport and gun club 
owership is not cheap..My brother hunts, but his kids refuse to, nor will 
they eat venison. These all are the least important reasons we need to 
strictly control guns. I think people should be able to hunt and target 
practice. Canada has greater percentage of hunters than in America, as does 
Norway, Sweden and several other countries. Yet they all have very stringent 
gun control laws. Gun control does not interfere with hunting or sports 

The gun manufacturers have gotten laws passed to remove them from liability 
from product injury through their political affiliation with right wing 
groups.from the NRA to the fundies to the wako survivalists defending their 
homestead from black heliocopters..Why it is necessary to control guns is 
their overwhelming disruption of society and the large costs resulting from 
serious, crippling injury and death. The injury from guns is not just 
physical, but socially and economical, inflicting fear and diminishing 
commerce and hindering communities from organizing effectively. The record 
of guns throughout the US. and in other countries is one of disgrace.adding 
to the misery of the poor and working class in neighborhoods without 
adequate law services and resources. Criminal gun manufacturers and 
merchants have supplied illegal guns, smuggled into to all the cities large 
and small in the U.S. Central America and the Carribean with the government 
turning a blind eye. Guns have hard won their baneful reputation and 
distaste of the American people.

It is nonsense to believe Republicans win elections because liberals favor 
sane laws enforcing gun safety, protection from injury and violence 
reduction. Guns provoke violence, fear and danger that has been successfully 
preyed upon as standard Republican mantra of law and order to divide working 
people, exacerbating racial, gender and class divisions. Even a sizeable 
portion of NRA members favor stricter gun control. No Repubs win because 
they are practiced at cheating, lying and stealing & connerie. But it is 
sheer insanity to argue like gun manufacturers who put up large amounts of 
money to state legislators (where most gun are passed) that any citizen 
should be allowed to own and use 50-caliber rifles, of very high velocity 
that were military issued specifically for shooting down aircraft. Remember 
the gun manufacturers argued strenuously all the way to the supreme court 
that citizens should be able to buy their machine guns when a decision was 
made in the 1930s to uphold the federal laws banning them.

In fact, guns offer scant self-defense and it is most often delusional to 
believe one would necessarily have a loaded, cocked gun available during a 
break-in or mugging or assault. In fact guns are more often used against 
people living in the residence than used against criminal strangers or 
intruders. Guns do kill people and so do bullets and so do people who 
properly use them. Our nation could pass laws that would supervise the 
manufacture of guns all along the food chain to stop illegal gun running. 
Lagre numbers of guns are stolen each year because of lax or non-existant 
enforcement or ineffiective laws assuring proper storage. Stolen guns loom 
large in communities all across the nations. In several nations guns must be 
stored at the local police station when not in use for hunting or sports 
shooting. Manufacturers of office water coolers have more governmental 
regulatory control over their design and manufacture than do guns to protect 
children from scalding injuries, yet thousands of children are shot and 
killed each year from playing with guns not properly stored or used in anger 
against a family member, stranger, friend or themselves.

It is an abdication of logic, of responsibility, and the denial of all 
evidence to not fight for strict gun control. I know I will not convince the 
gun advocates of my view and I do not want to enter into the very 
complicated linguistic, historical and legal discussion of the 
Constitutionality of the right of a well regulated militia to bear arms. It 
is not surprising to see the quote about a liberal's wet dream in a 
discussion of guns as they have centuries old lore of sexual powers and 
attributes.given by language, literature, movies, iconography. After a 
pistol shoots its wad, it is hot and hard indeed, but its sexual efferesence 
seldom brings healing, build community or reduce injury and death and all 
the costs of not regulating them more stictly.  --mo

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