[Marxism] Quiting Marxism, embracing what? Self-satisfaction and doing nothing

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Sat Dec 9 06:49:09 MST 2006

Mark Lause  :

Frankly, I have posed, reposed, and then tried posing upside down and
backwards the question of WHAT IS TO BE DONE...how does he propose to
"adjust their political activity"?

CB: Indeed you have, but , actually, Joaquin did answer this. He said do
nothing. Reminds of the old Ellington song , "Do Nothing 'Til You Hear From

Joaquin: Now Marx and Engels had a VERY firm opinion of what to do
politically under the sorts of circumstances we face in relation to the
class movement, which can be summed up in one word: NOTHING. Do nothing. The
class movement will reassert itself shortly and the organization you build
in the meantime, prevented from being the conscious expression of the actual
class movement, is going to be either sectarian or adventurist or both, get
people victimized and so on.


Mark :But without hearing an alternative, the Left should sit around waiting
with our thumbs up our asses...Oh, yes, and blame ourselves for the fact
that nothing's happening.

Mark L.

CB; No he didn't say put thumbs up asses. He said do nothing. 

We should definitely not blame ourselves that little is happening. It is
least of all the fault of Marxists that there is no big struggle against the
system right now.  Nobody here should feel guilty in the least. Most here
have more practice at trying to make a better world than the vast majority
of people. With all the bashing of Marxism, the one thing Marxists should
not feel is guilty for not "making the revolution". 

 In a certain sense, "fuck them" ( excuse my language). If Marxists have
done such a lousy job saving everybody from the horrors of capitalism, let
somebody else take on the work of the revolution for a while. Since they
know so much about what Marxists have done wrong, they must know the right
way to do it.

I say it's time to stand Lenin on his head. What is to be done ? Absolutely
nothing, except sit around arguing on email like playing video games.  The
new Leninism is donothingism. Enjoy life while we can. We'll continue to
_say_ what needs to be done. But we ourselves are gonna do nothing. No more
political _activity_ for Marxists. Just theory and talk. That's right. We
Marxists are now all talk and no action. If some non-Marxists don't like it,
they can lump it. 

So, I'm not quitting Marxism. I'm changing it. Philosophers have interpreted
the world in a number of ways; the thing is to let somebody else change it.

If the working class wants to rise up and make a new day, I'll be right
there watching the whole thing , cheering them on like a football fan. Go
Red ! Redistribute the Wealth ! Rah, rah, rah ! Otherwise, I'm going to
enjoy life the best I can, struggle not to get ruined or smashed in the
capitalist jungle. Be good to my neighbor. Vote for reforms. But I'm not
worrying about doing reforms in a revolutionary manner. I'm a follower,not a
leader. I'm not in the vanguard, I'm in the middle ranks. I'm an anonymous
face in the crowd. I'm nobody, just trying to keep up with the Jones.

Do nothing 'til you hear from me...and you never will.

Do nothing till you hear from me,
Pay no attention to what's said.
Why people tear the seams of anyone's dreams
Is over my head.

Do nothing till you hear from me,
At least consider our romance.
If you should take the words of others you've heard,
I haven't a chance.

True, I've been seen with someone new,
But does that mean that I've been untrue? 
When we're apart,
The words in my heart
Reveal how I feel about you.

Some kiss may cloud my memories,
And other arms may hold a thrill,
But please, do nothing till you hear it from me--
And you never will.


Some kiss may cloud my memories,
And other arms may hold a thrill,
But please, do nothing till you hear it from me--
And you never will.



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