[Marxism] "The American Era Is Now Over"

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sat Dec 9 08:24:35 MST 2006

I think this piece about hits it on the head.

The empire is going to face an almost (I say "almost") inevitable decline
relative to the other powers.  There will be a great deal of whining
nostalgia about it and a lot of blame heaped upon folks like us.  However,
it raises such hopeful prospects for being able to address precisely the
sort of social contradictions at home that the unquestionable predominance
of American imperialism has been able to postpone repeatedly.

Tom Paine once wrote that he knew of no system of imperial acquisition that
actually benefited the people of the acquiring nation.  To the contrary, it
actually makes the ruling class at home more powerful relative to its
subjects.  The actual proportion of Americans with nothing, living pretty
much hand to mouth, is probably the same today as it was a century ago.

We may be on the verge of a real awakening in the U.S. when this thing is

Sooner the better.

Mark L.

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