[Marxism] Mel Gibson and the Maya

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sat Dec 9 08:41:32 MST 2006

(It does not occur to me to see this monstrosity of a movie
which pimps for the gratuitous violence it depicts. Lately I've
noticed my hometown paper's principal critic seems to agree
about this and on many other topics. It would be interesting
to see what it is that people enjoy so much about seeing a
movie like this, above all, as the war in Iraq is fortunately 
turning people OFF in droves. Well, real people actually die
in Iraq. In movies like this it's only virtual death. Sickening.)

I've seen some decent movies in recent days and maybe will
write about ones you should see instead of shit like this one
which you should not see. There are wonderful films around.

By Kenneth Turan
L.A. Times Staff Writer

December 8, 2006

Who knows what violence lurks in the hearts of men? Mel Gibson knows,
and he just can't resist putting every last ounce of it on screen. He
also can't resist pulling those bloody, still-beating hearts out of
human bodies and putting them up on screen as well. And that's just
the beginning.

Numerous good things can be said about "Apocalypto," the director's
foray into the decaying Mayan civilization of the early 1500s, but
every last one of them is overshadowed by Gibson's well-established
penchant for depictions of stupendous amounts of violence.

If our society is in moral peril, the amount of stomach-turning
violence that we think is just fine to put on screen is by any sane
measure a major aspect of that decline. Mel, no one in your entourage
is going to tell you this, but you are not part of the solution, you
are part of the problem. A big part.

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