[Marxism] "The American Era Is Now Over"

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at videotron.ca
Sat Dec 9 08:51:18 MST 2006

Mark Lause writes:

>I think this piece about hits it on the head.
> The empire is going to face an almost (I say "almost") inevitable decline
> relative to the other powers.  There will be a great deal of whining
> nostalgia about it and a lot of blame heaped upon folks like us.  However,
> it raises such hopeful prospects for being able to address precisely the
> sort of social contradictions at home that the unquestionable predominance
> of American imperialism has been able to postpone repeatedly.


> We may be on the verge of a real awakening in the U.S. when this thing is
> over.

The piece by Martin Jacques - the former editor of the CPGB's Marxism 
Today - is very good, but you may be missing its essential thrust, which is 
that a weakened America will have to integrate itself into a multipolar 
(capitalist) world - not exactly a novel thought in the wake of Iraq, 
including in US and international ruling class circles:

"An increasingly multipolar world requires an entirely different kind of US 
foreign policy: far from being unilateralist, it necessitates a complex form 
of power-sharing on both a global and regional basis. This is not only the 
opposite to neoconservative unilateralism, it is also entirely different 
from the simplicities of superpower cooperation and rivalry in the bipolar 
world of the cold war. The new approach is implicit in the ISG report, which 
recognises that any resolution of the Iraq crisis depends on the involvement 
of Iran and Syria. Elements of this approach are already apparent on the 
Korean peninsula and in Latin America. The ramifications of the Iraq moment 
will surely influence US foreign policy for decades to come."

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