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Vol. 3 Issue #7

FIRE THIS TIME Vol. 3 Issue 7 includes a special tribute to Fidel Castro on his 80th birthday. Articles on why we celebrate Fidel, as well as statements from Fidel himself in both Spanish and English. As well, this issue features articles on the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and the imperialist threats to Sudan. The ongoing Indigenous struggle in Six Nations and at Amazay Lake. In addition, an interview with activist Bernie Williams of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside Women's Centre on homelessness and poverty. Interviews from Bolivian and Mexican activists and much more! 

The articles highlighted below and many more are available to read in html format on the Fire This Time website. This, and all past issues of Fire This Time are also available to be downloaded in .pdf. To subscribe to receive regular hard copies, see the bottom of this email, or the website:

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--->Verdict of Saddam’s Trial: A Guilty Verdict for George Bush & US Imperialism 
“On November 5, Saddam Hussain was sentenced to hang by a court in an Iraq occupied by around 150,000 US troops. The Prime Minister of the government that oversees this court is headed by a man whose friends and co-Dawa-party members were the ones that Saddam has been condemned to death for slaughtering. In an ‘incredible’ prediction, this Prime Minister said, a month in advance of this sentencing, “It won’t be long. An execution order on this criminal despot and his criminal aides will be passed soon. [...]"
Full Article: http://www.firethistime.net/ftt37_iraq.html

--->A Tribute to Fidel: A True Revolutionary Who Inspires Us to fight for a Better World
"“Sentence me. It doesn’t matter. History will absolve me.”
It was with these words that Fidel Castro, a fiery 26-year-old lawyer, closed his own defense statement in a courtroom in Cuba in 1953. [...]"
Full Article: http://www.firethistime.net/ftt37_fidel.html

--->Afghanistan: Where are we going from here?
“Canada and NATO are facing a quagmire in Afghanistan today. Five years after the US-led invasion, the millions of impoverished people in Afghanistan are rising up against an occupation that has cost them their lives, their land, and their dignity. Claims about bringing “security and stability” to Afghanistan seem laughably false. [...]" 
Full Article: http://www.firethistime.net/ftt37_afghan.html 

--->Building An Effective Antiwar Movement: An Open Letter to Stopwar.ca
“Nov 29, 2006.
Dear Members, Coordinating Committee and Co-chairs of Stopwar.ca,
On October 28th 2006 I attended the rally in Vancouver organized by Stopwar.ca. During the march and rally I observed something with I consider very dangerous and which caused me grave concern. I witnessed indifference and a lack of sensitivity from Stopwar.ca organizers towards serious attempts to thoroughly undermined the goal and cause of the Oct 28 action. [...]"
Full Article (including pictures of the rally in question)  http://www.firethistime.net/ftt37_openletter.html

--->The Hue and Cry Over Darfur: Imperialists Attempt to Extend War and Occupation to Africa
"A slightly critical mind should be forgiven for exploring a definite “déjà vu” when confronted with the current onslaught of media coverage and government statements regarding the conflict in Sudan’s western Darfur region. Who wouldn’t? Headlines and UN resolutions scream of a ruthless regime, the complete humanitarian catastrophe of civil strife, and the apparently obvious need for tens of thousands of foreign troops and sanctions to solve it all. The similarities between the pre-invasion propaganda for the invasions and occupations of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Haiti are endless. [...]"
Full Article: http://www.firethistime.net/ftt37_sudan.html

--->BC's "New Relationship" with Indigenous people: Maintaining old colonial traditions
“On November 29th, the Tse Keh Nay Nation announced that they will shut down a flawed environmental assessment review taking place in Victoria that is supposed to discuss the proposed Kemess North mining project on their land. [...]"
Full Article: http://www.firethistime.net/ftt37_amazay.html


---> Lydia Robles, Bolivian Trade Unionist and revolutionary
In Enlgish: http://www.firethistime.net/ftt37_bolivia.html
Espanol: http://www.firethistime.net/ftt37_bolivia_es.html

---> Maria de la Luz Mendoza & Filipe Velasco on the struggle in Mexico
In English: http://www.firethistime.net/ftt37_mexico.html
Espanol: http://www.firethistime.net/ftt37_mexico_es.html

---> Bernie Williams, on Women and the struggle against poverty and homelessness in the Downtown Eastside
Full Article: http://www.firethistime.net/ftt37_dewc.html

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