[Marxism] Nepal v New Sinn Fein

Philip Ferguson philip.ferguson at canterbury.ac.nz
Sat Dec 9 16:55:39 MST 2006

Donal wrote:
> Forgive me for posting this - but I haven't seen it on this list. Here
it is arms beyond use, entry into bourgeois parliaments - but in Nepal.

Nope.  There is no putting arms beyond use.  The Maoists are keeping
their guns.

You will also note stuff like the nationalisation of the property of the
monarch and a set of other stuff that goes far beyond the tinkerings of
New Sinn Fein.

Also, note, this is an agreement between the Maoists and other parties -
it does not involve working with the British or American imperialists
unlike New Sinn Fein.

Also, this is an agreement dated November 6, barely a month ago.  It
remains to be seen what the outcome on the ground will be.

In Ireland, the sell-out began in the late 1980s, so we now have almost
20 years over which to judge it.


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