[Marxism] Re: Gun control, justice & meat

Jim DeMaegt jdemaegt at sbcglobal.net
Sat Dec 9 16:57:12 MST 2006

    If guns are outlawed then only police will have guns.
    And the police work for whom?

    Jim D.
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>I have been trying to ignore the temptation to write on this (It happens a 
>lot here to me in fact - a peculiarity of being a ML-ist in this rather 
>conventional climate here).
> The rate of childhood death from gunshot wounds is far higher SOUTH of the 
> US border in Canada (a different world as Michael Moore - yes a liberal - 
> WHoppee! no doubt recognised) - than SOUTH in the USA.
> Rates in Vancouever are lower than Seattle - Cities separated by a very 
> short distance.
> What moron - under the guise of black liberation groups - supports this?
> Oopps sorry David W - a rhetorical slip!
> But really David, if you see the figures - you have to close your eyes to 
> the mayhem and really, really, 'dream' of relaity - to argue as you do.
> With Continued Respect,
> hari
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