[Marxism] New Sinn Fein, the SACP-ANC and PLO

Philip Ferguson philip.ferguson at canterbury.ac.nz
Sat Dec 9 17:16:21 MST 2006

On this list, Donal quite often likes to pretend that New Sinn Fein
strategy is in line with Lenin, the Cuban and Vietnamese revolutions and
so on.

Of course, no-one in the actual leadership of New Sinn Fein pretends
this.  They are much more open that what they are doing draws on the
inspiration of the ANC (really the SACP-ANC) and the corrupt PLO
leadership around Arafat.

Here's one the central leader of New Sinn Fein and a core member of the
Adams cabal atop NSF, Jim Gibney.  He's writing just after the St
Andrews talks (Irish News, Nov ):

"It is a deal in waiting and what a deal it could be.  The possibility
of a new agreed Ireland waiting to be born.  At its core Ian Paisley and
Martin McGuinness, First and Deputy First Ministers - an amazing
possibility. . .It could be a Mandela-de Klerk moment waiting
ratification; an Arafat-Rabin moment on the White House lawn with much
better prospects. . ."

So the big prize here, "a new Ireland", is actually just the Northern
Ireland state with Ian Paisley at its head and McGuiness as his deputy!
And this is what Donal would have us believe is the "democratic
revolution" Irish style.

Needless to say, in South Africa Mandela did not enter a government with
De Klerk.  He did not became De Klerk's deputy.

Moreover, in South Africa there is a rather large problem.  The SACP-ANC
actually abandoned the goal of radical socio-economic change, so that we
now have a number of black "entrepreneurs" helping exploit the black
masses.  We have privatisation of water, we have if anything *worse
conditions* than pre-1994 in the shanty towns and we have a neo-liberal
economic policy pursued by the ANC.  The interests of the black masses
have been subsumed by the interests of white (and black) capitalists.
Of course, this is what happens when you have a stagist view in which
the "democratic revolution" is perceived as occupying a completely
different period of time and space as the socialist revolution -
precisely why Lenin (and Trotksy) led a socialist revolution in Russia
which *combined the democratic and socialist tasks*.

And what of Gibney's gushing about the Rabin-Arafat moment on the White
House lawn?  What a disaster that has been for the Palestinian people as
a whole and for the progressive, secular Palestinian forces in
particular.  The people of Gaza are especially paying the price of the
"Rabin-Arafat moment on the White House lawn".

The sell-out leaders of New Sinn Fein look to the experience of other
sell-outs rather than the experience of successful *socialist
revolutions* like Vietnam and Cuba, let alone the Russian Revolution or
China in 1949.



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