[Marxism] blood diamonds

gregory meyerson gmeyerson at triad.rr.com
Sat Dec 9 20:23:06 MST 2006

does anyone know of any marxist analyses of blood diamonds, etc?

the book The Heartless Stone looks like good reportage, but I'd like 
more than that.

I just saw the movie blood diamond, which I hated about as much as mike 
yates hated the departed.

this of course is no analysis.  the movie makes the 
corporations--except for the one bad corporation highlighted in the 
movie--look basically good and self policing. little context is 
provided for the wars in sierra leone and liberia.  the movie had an 
overall colonial feel, and the sexual tension between de caprio and 
jennifer connelly was, upon reflection, nauseating and borderline 
obscene given the presumed seriousness of the movie.

Hunsou(the character's name is solomon vandy) at one point reflects on 
what some people say about those in "black skin," suggesting perhaps 
that "we were better off under white rule."  the character's rebuttal 
to this is that he loves his son and wants him to be a doctor. the 
character doesn't sound too convinced at his own answer.

yes, there are bad white mercenaries and bad london corporations, but 
the violence of the rebel groups is largely decontextualized and given 
a heart of darkness feel.  and the good corporations save the day.

anyone else see this movie?

I really hated it.  but i hated it primarily because of my sense that 
it was really distorting the nature of conflict on the continent.  and 
I hated it cause oprah winfrey loved it and praised the corporate 
kimberly process ad nauseum.


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