[Marxism] "We need to take control of policing and justice away from London" - Adams

Lüko Willms lueko.willms at t-online.de
Sat Dec 9 23:49:48 MST 2006

On Fri, 08 Dec 2006 00:27:06 -0800, Danielle Ni Dhighe wrote:

>  >I like it, and I recommend comrades to read for themselves
>  >and not to limit themselves to what others babble about it.
> And I recommend that comrades look at the 
> objective content of SF's politics rather than 
> the fine blarney spun by its leadership. 

  From your short reply, it is absolutely not clear to me, what actually 
you think of the goal formulated by Gerry Adams which makes up the 
Subject line of this thread; if you are opposed to the demand, or if you 
just mistrust the Sinn Féin leadership to lead the fight for it. 

  Maybe you could clarify by answering these questions: 

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1. Who should control the police in Northern Ireland? 
   Select one of the answers below: 

a) The control over the police in NI should be taken away from London, 
and put in hands of locally elected assemblies; i.e. I support Sinn 
Féin's demand.

b) No, the control over the police in NI should remain in London;

c) A cop is a cop is a cop -- it doesn't matter who controls the cops; 

d) The demand to transfer control of the NI police from London to 
Northern Ireland itself cannot be achieved, because the Brits are too 

e) The transfer of control of policing from London to NI is futile, 
because the Brits would control the NI police anyway; 

f) I'm confused by all this politics -- why don't we just talk about 
revolution instead of trying to make one? 

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   Please reply. 

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