[Marxism] blood diamonds

gregory meyerson gmeyerson at triad.rr.com
Sun Dec 10 08:12:34 MST 2006

yes, the debeers stand in takes a big hit:  the bad corporation.

   here in states, I go back to oprah show due to its wide reach and the 
way the filmmakers and stars bonded with her.  the show made it seem 
like a voluntary corporate process has for all practical purposes 
solved the problem.  99.8 percent of diamonds conflict free because of 
the voluntary goodness of the corporations we are told by trustworthy 
diamond spokespeople.

the message is very system reinforcing.  is it not a little bothersome 
for the "whites" to save the day?  the reporter, the christ figure 
leonardo (yes, yes, the performances were very powerful)?

the man leading the two meetings at start and finish of film?

didn't the "simple naivete" of solomon bother you (DCQ, not Patrick) a 
bit?  like when he shouts out for his son, DIA (at this point a 
brainwashed rebel), when the rebel convoy passes danny and solomon who 
are hiding by side of road?

yes, it shows solomon loves his son.  But come on!  this was idiot plot 

look: in that powerful speech when Hounsou wonders about being better 
off under white rule, isn't it the case that benevolent and self 
sacrificing whites, including the guy at the two meetings, save the 
day?  AND NOW EVERYTHING IS BASICALLY OKAY?  isn't this the point?

On Dec 10, 2006, at 2:38 AM, Patrick Bond wrote:

> DCQ wrote:
>>   I have no idea what you are talking about with respect to "the 
>> corporations" looking good. The diamond firm in the movie is a stand 
>> in for the whole lot.
> Here in SA, DeBeers is plenty frightened at brand damage.
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