[Marxism] blood diamonds

gregory meyerson gmeyerson at triad.rr.com
Sun Dec 10 08:26:06 MST 2006

one more comment:  yes, this was good, sort of.  the interesting 
question is to wonder if this scene stays with people, or the "heart of 
darkness" scenes or the nice system stabilizing end.

even in this scene, while the comment blames "they," the west, it is 
the conscience of that same west that wins out, no? and in this 
particular scene, it is the RUF that lays waste to the village, and the 
RUF is viewed as pretty autonomous, the main agent of the destruction.  
so I guess I didn't think this choral commentary was nearly as powerful 
as you did--some synecdochic condemnation of imperialism.  I think you 
were engaging in a bit of wish fulfillment.
On Dec 10, 2006, at 9:56 AM, gregory meyerson wrote:

>> And the little scene in which the old man--almost the last survivor 
>> in his village after a battle--comments that "I hope they don't find 
>> oil in our country because then we'd really be in trouble" was 
>> brilliant. The connections between Iraq and Sierra Leone, between 
>> imperialism, racism, and capitalism in Africa and the Middle East and 
>> the West's responsibility for causing all of it, were made in one 
>> simple joke that made the entire audience erupt in laughter.

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