[Marxism] Celia Hart: Pink elections in Nicaragua

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 10 10:29:45 MST 2006

In this very interesting commentary, Celia Hart takes up the
recent election victory of the Daniel Ortega, the leader of the
Sandinista Front for National Liberation (FSLN) in Nicaragua.
Written for a website based in Argentina, where a progressive,
nationalist government is in office, she takes up the possibility
that illusions in a parliamentary or electoral road could grow
in light of the recent trends in Latin America. While hailing the
victory of Ortega's candidacy, she questions the compromises
the FSLN made with the Roman Catholic church, above all on
the issue of abortion. Most interestingly, Celia Hart explicitly
criticizes Fidel Castro by name for supporting Daniel Ortega.
The full essay is much longer than the excerpts posted here.

Walter Lippmann, CubaNews
Los Angeles, California

Pink elections in Nicaragua
By: Celia Hart
Special for ARGENPRESS.info
Date: 16/11/2006

A CubaNews translation by Ana Portela.
Edited by Walter Lippmann


We may need a Congress to debate to what extent elections have become
the only option for political struggle. It is a recurrent nightmare.
What was once an exception has become the rule and our victories are
only associated with the ballot box. What's more, we consider these
victories as if a revolution has triumphed.

We must beware of those dangers because our revolutionary impulses
may be the result of sporadic events.

The pathetic slogan of "voting for the lesser evil" makes us forget
that elections are merely one of the tamest strategies for social
change. Populist governments, "those that are the lesser evil", also
have their pitfalls.

The current Latin American scene is excellent to take the road of
revolution. That is why I am panic-stricken with the term "leftist",
so elastic and dependent on circumstances. This "left" which makes us
try to submit the radical impetus of our peoples with warm pats on
the back to support the first organization which speaks of the "evils
of imperialism" and on an Internet search engine: "Speaks well of
Cuba, of Venezuela and criticizes Bush." Perfect! Once this is done
we can sit back and relax.

Che put it this way: "Is socialism possible in our continent through
peaceful means?

We categorically answer: In most cases it is not possible. The most
that can be achieved is a formal takeover of the bourgeois
superstructure of power and the transition of that government to
socialism that, in conditions of established bourgeois legality of
formal power, must use that same power to violently crush all those
who try, in one way or another, to halt the advance towards a new
social structure." [1]



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