[Marxism] "We need to take control of policing and justice away from London" - Adams

Danielle Ni Dhighe danielle at irsm.org
Sun Dec 10 14:21:29 MST 2006

At 10:49 PM 12/9/2006, Lüko Willms wrote:
 >1. Who should control the police in Northern Ireland?
 >Select one of the answers below:

I would choose: c) A cop is a cop is a cop -- it 
doesn't matter who controls the cops.  The Gardai 
in the South of Ireland are every bit as 
repressive towards republicans as the 
RUC/PSNI.  Police exist to uphold the existing 
order of capitalism and imperialism.  Only a reformist would think otherwise.

 >f) I'm confused by all this politics -- why don't we just talk
 >about revolution instead of trying to make one?

In case you missed it, all SF has ever done is 
talk about revolution in theory.  In practice, 
they've done nothing to advance revolution and, 
indeed, are doing everything they can to drag 
their supporters into electoral reformism where 
the power of the masses is replaced by the power 
of elected bourgeois politicians.  So perhaps I 
should ask you why you're only interested in 
talking about revolution in Ireland while 
supporting a party actively leading the masses in the other direction?

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