[Marxism] A dishonest method - re "solutions in 'Northern Ireland'"

Philip Ferguson philip.ferguson at canterbury.ac.nz
Sun Dec 10 14:53:11 MST 2006

Luko wrote in response to Danielle:
>While I am dead set against all those tax gifts to corporations and 
rich people in Germany, in a Northern Irish parliament, I would vote 
with both hands for for this motion like for any other measure which 
breaks the six counties' union with London and establishes an all-Irish 

And this is the level of corporate tax that any good Labourite - and
even many Tories - would vote for.

If SF even had radical Labourite politics it would be arguing *both
sides of the border* for corporate taxes much more significant than

Luko to Danielle:
>Do you think that Northern Ireland should keep the Union with 
England, maybe out of a workerist illusion that the Union is better for 
the workers? 

Since Danielle is involved with the Irish Republican Socialist Party
this is a nonsense question.

Danielle earlier:
>> I prefer to see the national liberation struggle and the class
> liberation struggle as completely intertwined.  One can't be
> accomplished without the other.

Luko in response:
>That's what the doctrine says. 

And it has been confirmed over and over by practice.  So it is not
merely some dogma.

>The experience of real struggles says, that you can't achieve neither 
one if one makes the national question to a side issue of an alleged 
class struggle orientation. 

And you, who have never been involved in national liberation politics,
are telling an IRSP activist this?  You're an eejit.

>Your rejection of an all-Irish common corporate tax rate, i.e. your 
preference on Northern Irelands Union with Britain in tax matters is a 
logical consequence of that -- instead of helping to organize the Irish 
workers to a party by and for themselves, you insist on subjecting them 
to British tax laws and rules, i.e. to His Majety's Chancellor of 

This is a good example of a thoroughly dishonest and bankrupt method.
If you disagree with New Sinn Fein's minimum corporate tax proposal then
you must be a supporter of imperialism!

Gee, Luko, where did you learn this method?

And you direct this accusation against Danielle, a member of an
organisation whose members in Ireland have been murdered, jailed,
tortured, died on hunger strike in the struggle against imperialism.

You're a disgrace.


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