[Marxism] Che on the democratic and socialist tasks

Philip Ferguson philip.ferguson at canterbury.ac.nz
Sun Dec 10 15:13:41 MST 2006

Che Guevara, 1965, on the bourgeoisie in the semi-colonial world:
"On the other hand, the indigenous bourgeoisie have lost all capacity to
oppose imperialism--if they ever had any--and are only dragged along
behind it like a caboose. There are no other alternatives. Either a
socialist revolution or a caricature of revolution."

The Irish bourgeoisie is, if anything, even more degenerate than the
bourgeoisies in the semi-colonial continents of which Guevara was

The Irish "nationalist" bourgeoisie took power in the 26 counties
through a counter-revolution in 1921-23, smashing the revolutionary
national liberation movement of the time and establishing an extremely
repressive and regressive neo-colonial state.

As James Connolly had predicted, there was "a carnival of reaction" both
sides of the border agreed by British imperialism and the "nationalist"

Yet it is precisely to this stunted, corrupt national bourgeoisie, which
isn't even a national bourgeoisie (but a 26-county bourgeoisie), that
the Adams' faction turned, at the same time it engaged in years of
secret diplomacy with British imperialism behind the backs of the most
of the IRA and Sinn Fein.

The deals done were then presented pretty much as faits accompli, which
the ranks could like or lump.

This is not the "democratic revolution", much less the democratic phase
of a revolutionary process moving towards socialism.  It is a new

As Che said.


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