[Marxism] PS on the democratic and socialist tasks

Philip Ferguson philip.ferguson at canterbury.ac.nz
Sun Dec 10 15:25:31 MST 2006

I wrote:
>This is not the "democratic revolution", much less the democratic phase
of a revolutionary process moving towards socialism.  It is a new

The great Irish revolutionaries were well aware of this too.  James
Connolly, in particular, must be spinning in his grave that people whose
Belfast head office is called Connolly House are perpetrating this
latest neo-colonial stitch-up.

One of the finest leaders of the war for independence and of the
anti-Treaty side during the Civil War was Liam Mellows.  In the debates
in the Dail over the Treaty, Mellows noted how the establishment of the
"Free State" was not a "stepping stone" to an independent republic, but
a barrier to it.  He noted how the Irish revolution now not only had to
confront the British imperialists, but also the northern and southern
Irish states - three enemies instead of one.  And he noted how, in order
to fight the Brits, republicans would have now to remove the obstacle of
the 26-county state.

Needless to say all this core republicanism has been dumped by New Sinn

The arguments of Adams and co. today are, almost word for the word, the
arguments of Michael Collins and the Treatyites back in 1921 - the
arguments of the neo-colonial faction, the forces who killed the Irish

No wonder New Sinn Fein hasn't been overly keen on Ken Loach's "The Wind
that Shakes the Barley".

Still, I guess Sinn Fein has really come full circle in its century of
history - it began in 1905, under Arthur Griffith, as a
bourgeois-nationalist party and, today under Gerry Adams, it has
reverted to that.

Me, I'll stick with Wolfe Tone, Fintan Lalor, Padraic Pearse, James
Connolly, Liam Mellows, Constance Markievicz, Seamus Costello,
Bernadette (Devlin) McAliskey, Brendan Hughes and groups like the IRSP
and Socialist Democracy (formerly PD).



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