[Marxism] IRSP position on the cops in the six counties

Philip Ferguson philip.ferguson at canterbury.ac.nz
Sun Dec 10 21:59:03 MST 2006

The position of the Irish Republican Socialist Party was enunciated at
the Belfast meeting by one of their leaders, Willie Gallagher:

The position of the IRSP in regards to this issue goes beyond the basics
of traditional republicanism. What would not have been conceivable in
the past has today become a reality. The fact that some republicans are
being asked to support and endorse the PSNI and the judicial system has
become a bitter pill to swallow, within both pro-GFA and anti-GFA

For Republicans the PSNI can never be accepted as a legitimate and fully
representational police service purely because they are the institution
of British law in occupied Ireland. 

They serve the Queen and not the people. They uphold British
parliamentarian law in this land. They enforce British rule in our

The PSNI, like any other police force in the capitalist world, protects
property before people and act as an instrument of the ruling class.

To become representational of the working class of Ireland, any Police
Service would be set up by the people and for the people. This can only
be completed and implemented within the parameters of a 32 County
Socialist Workers Republic.  Any such Police Service would be supportive
of the needs of our communities.

A genuine police force of the people would not favour the investor, the
landlord, the oil magnates, the Coca Cola's, the Sellafields,
Multi-National Corporation or the rich at the detriment of the poor and
the working class. It would exist to uphold public order, to protect the
inhabitants of this island from those who would wish to exploit them,
and to protect the needs of the working class from the greed of

What we stand for
Until we have this system in place, until we have the abolition of
partition, until we have the complete removal of the British
stranglehold on this island's economy, until we have the complete
removal of the British militarily from this land, until the foreign
monarchy imposed upon our people is removed and we are declared a 32
County Socialist Workers Republic, then we are not in a position as
republican socialists to accept anything less. Therefore the IRSP will
refuse to give any kind of legitimacy to a political police force, the
PSNI, or to a corrupt British judiciary. These are the fundamental
basics for republican socialists.

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