[Marxism] My NYFCO nominations

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Dec 11 08:44:54 MST 2006

New York Film Critics Online 2006 Awards Nomination Ballot

  NAME: Louis Proyect

  Breakthrough Performance (name actor/film)

1. Ryan Gosling/Half Nelson

2. Mark Wahlberg/The Departed

3. Matt Dillon/Factotum

Supporting Actress (name actor/film)

1. Shareeka Epps/Half Nelson

2. Helen McCrory/The Queen


Supporting Actor (name actor/film)

1. Jackie Earle Haley/Little Children

2. Mark Wahlberg/The Departed

3. Alec Baldwin/The Departed

Screenplay (name film)

1. Little Children

2. The Queen

3. Thank You for Smoking

Cinematography (name film)

1. The Queen

2.  The Departed

3. Little Children

Film Score/Music (name film)

1. Little Children



Debut Director (name directors/film)

1. Ryan Fleck/Half Nelson



Director (name directors/film)

1. Todd Fields/Little Children

2. Stephen Frears/The Queen

3. Jason Reitman/Thank You For Smoking

Actress (name actor/film)

1. Helen Mirren/The Queen

2. Kate Winslet/Little Children

3. Lili Taylor/Factotum

Actor (name actor/film)

1. Aaron Eckart/Thank You For Smoking

2. Patrick Wilson/Little Children

3. Matt Dillon/Factotum

Ensemble Cast (name film)

1. The Departed

2. Thank You For Smoking

3.  Factotum

Picture (name film)

1. Little Children

2. The Queen

3. Factotum

Foreign Language (name film)

1. Climates

2. Death of Lazarescu

3. Joyeux Noel

Documentary (name film)

1. Sir, No Sir

2. The Ground Truth

3. The Devil's Miner

Animated Feature (name film)




Humanitarian Award (pick one or add write-in)

The Ground Truth: After the Killing Ends  - Patricia Foulkrod's documentary 
gives real soldiers back from Iraq, a chance to share the other side of the 
war not being shown on the network news.



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