[Marxism] George Anthony's Books for Chritmas

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Age  of Gold, the decades between 1865 and 1933 in which America  became the 
first "billion dollar country". The frenetic industrialising and  expanding, 
lending and speculating were carried out by a gang of robber barons  led by 
John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Cornelius Vanderbilt and  JPMorgan..... and 
by a banker and secretary of the US  Treasury famous only as the "most 
unknown plutocrat in the US;Andrew  William Mellon-Mellon:An American Life 
The  book concludes with the word "bullshit", noting that he went to the Iraq 
 war on the basis "of forged documents that he knew were bullshit"-Vice:Dick  
Cheney and the Hijacking of the American Presidency-Lou Dubose & Jake  
The  Man who invented Fidel:Castro, Cuba  and Herbert LMatthews- 
Born  in Jamaica Mary Seacole; The Charismatic Black Nurse who became a 
Heroine of the  Crimea....Followed her mother into medicine and treated scores of 
cholera  sufferers in the epidemic of the 1850s-Autobiography-Wonderful 
Adventures of Mrs  Seacole in Many Lands-Jane Robinson 
John  Wilkes;The Scandalous Father of Civil Liberty-Arthur Cash-Voltaire  
Almighty: A  Life in Pursuit of Freedom-Roger Pearson 
In  1837 The Times noted that the workhouses were making "not the slghtest  
relaxation in the discipline or addition of diet" for Christmas Day, although 
as  a concession the treadmill had been stopped. By 1842, the Poor Law Board 
had  instructed that workhouses must expect no work to be performed by paupers 
on  Christmas Day. And in 1847, the board also added a rider that the local  
guardians were now at liberty to dole out extra food to the workhouse inmates on 
 this one day-Consuming Passions-Leisure and Pleasure in Victorian 
Britain-Judith  Flanders  

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