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(From Phil Ferguson)

Our Auckland branch organiser, who is also a young union organiser, is over 
in the Philippines at present at a big gathering of union and mass movement 
activists.  He sent this about yet another murder of a union organiser – 
assassinations under the ‘democratic’ Arroyo regime are actually worse than 
under Marcos.

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A KMU comrade was murdered today in Mindanao (I'm in Cebu). This
story below was all I could find on the internet. Apparently the KMU
had, in a sweep, just taken the majority of the workforce off the
yellow union at the factory in which he is the worker-organiser. We
wore black armbands today to symbolise grief.

Otherwise, things are good here. Making lots of contacts. J.

Labour leader killed in the Philippines

dpa German Press Agency
Published: Monday December 11, 2006

Manila- A leftist labour leader was killed Monday by an unidentified
gunman along a busy highway just outside the Philippine capital,
police said. Jose Servida, leader of a worker's union of a Japanese
firm, had just alighted from his car after parking outside the
company premises in Imus town in Cavite province, 50 kilometres south
of Manila, when the gunman fired at him.

Servida died upon arrival at a nearby hospital.

A companion of Servida, identified as Joel Sales, was also injured in
the attack and rushed to hospital for treatment.

Servida was the latest casualty in unabated attacks against political
activists, which have intensified under the government of President
Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

The local human rights group Karapatan said close to 800 political
activists have been killed in the Philippines since Arroyo assumed
office in January 2001.

Foreign governments and human rights organizations have condemned the
killings and urged Arroyo to immediately put a stop to the attacks on
political activists.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who was on a state visit last
week, also expressed concern over the political killings in the
Philippines during his meeting with Arroyo.



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