[Marxism] Gore Vidal and Stephen Frears speaking out in Cuba thisweek

Ian Pace ian at ianpace.com
Mon Dec 11 18:31:30 MST 2006

From: "Walter Lippmann" <walterlx at earthlink.net>

> Gore Vidal: "I actually consider myself as the
last good American. At least I am an American who worries for the
defense of ethics and the history of my country, to see if we can
once again become decent and respected. I dream of and work towards
stopping them from snatching away our republic that was once the US,
and has collapsed under the current regime."

Hmmm. So a highly rich and privileged American, born into a political 
dynasty, considers himself 'the last good American'. As opposed to countless 
American workers, African-Americans, etc., etc.? Vidal (who lost any 
sympathy I might have had for him after his crazy opinions on Timothy 
McVeigh) seems typical of a certain type of snobbish member of the moneyed 
cultural elite presenting his contemptuous snobbery under the guise of some 
sort of political progressiveness. Didn't he speak once in supercilious 
terms about the reasons people 'hate him', one of those being because of his 


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