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Mon Dec 11 20:09:22 MST 2006

>Carlos wrote:

I don't believe in conspiracies theories or the assertion that the US is doing Israel's wars.  On the contrary, I believe Israel is an "agent" of US imperialism in the Middle East.

My Comment:

Of course this is essentially correct but there is a complex dynamic at work. Israel as it is would not exist but for the compacts that Zionism made with imperialisms such as the British, the French and now the Americans.

That as Hannah Arendt pointed out also doomed Israel to be forever surrounded by victims who would become enemies. Uri Avneri has also drawn attention to this.  So Israel is for ever to be a terror state - the attack dog of imperialism. Not something that was explicitly part of the original Zionist mission.

The inevitable consequence is that what is bad for the Imperialist Centre (America) is bad for Israel and that accounts for the nervousness in Israel over the looming defeat of the American army in Iraq.

But the allies of American imperialism are not confined to Israel. The ruling Arab elites are all pro-American and they too are nervous over the Iraq disaster.

What though of the charges that support for Israel is against American interests? or that the neo-Conservatives are more pro-Israel than pro-America.  I think this has to be understood in terms of a reaction to the failures of American imperialism while the neo-cons were on watch.

It is also nostalgia for the good old days when Golda Meir would quote the anti-Semitic ravings of the King of Saudi Arabia while the latter claimed to be concerned about the fate of the Arabs at the hands of the Israelis.  Both were seemingly enemies but at heart both were avatars of American imperialism.

It was the neo-Cons who dreamed of a new American hegemony without compromises with political dinosaurs such as the Saud Royal Family or the likes of Suharto in Indonesia. They were flushed with fantasies of neo-liberal economics being let loose (freedom) with control of the mass media guaranteeing success in elections (democracy).

Instead they may get real freedom and real democracy as the Arab revolution matures. And in turn that will inevitably mean the demise of the Israeli state as it now exists.



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