[Marxism] Going global: New Sinn Fein helps bolster Fateh sell-out

Philip Ferguson philip.ferguson at canterbury.ac.nz
Mon Dec 11 21:10:14 MST 2006

There is an interesting article on the Socialist Democracy site
comparing the course of New Sinn Fein with the Fateh sell-out in the
Middle East and the disastrous impact of that sell-out on the
Palestinians, as well as examining the NSF-IRA surrender process in the
six counties.

Apparently some NSF leaders recently visited over there to help the
Fateh leadership make the Oslo Accords look good.

Here's an extract from the article, written by Gerry Fitzpatrick:  

The Fatah Effect: One-Sided Pacification

Here in the North the effects of one-sided pacification are just
beginning but the advanced signs of politicide are already manifesting
themselves. There may have been little need to confront political
dissidents outside SF, as they are indeed isolated. And as Kimberling
observes, the effect of Politicide is that political opposition decays
and what is left is sterile debate on the support for desperate acts
such as suicide bombings. While there have been desperate acts, the
republican opposition to Sinn Fein has repeatedly stalled around the
equally sterile accusations on returns to militarism (as was the case
with a recently abandoned meeting on the Peace Process).  But the
sterility has also benefited SF and it supporters as they continue to
deny that this peace settlement is in fact a one sided pacification. 
Those who had any doubt about this being the case, have only to look at
the evidence of Sinn Fein leaders' visit to the Middle East and the
occupied territories.  Unionist politicians and the Israeli government
were quick to link the visit to the contact that the Sinn Fein leader
had with Hamas when it is clear the reason for the visit was Fatah and
British inspired. Now under more intense pressure than ever President
Abbas and the Fatah leadership invited Adams to tell the Palestinian
population that Peace Agreements like Oslo and Belfast are working -
that the goal of liberation can be pursued by 'peaceful means'.  The
visit may have been organised a while ago but to deliver this
endorsement of Fatah and the Oslo Accords now - when they could not be
more extinct in the minds of the Palestinians and the military-political
leadership in Israel - is a new low in Sinn Fein's diplomacy of denial.
No doubt Sinn Fein, the visiting warm up act, will say their insistence
that Hamas should now form a 'unity government' with Fatah was very
different from a similar message delivered by the visiting main act: one
Tony Blair MP. 

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