[Marxism] Cuban ambassador interview in AP/RN

Philip Ferguson philip.ferguson at canterbury.ac.nz
Tue Dec 12 14:15:44 MST 2006

Walter wrote:
>Diplomatic agreements are somewhat akin to union contracts that
basically reflect the relationship of forces at the time they're
signed. They can't solve problems, but only become the basis for
new struggle on a different political terrain. Obviously, social
justice doesn't exist in South Africa, but black majority rule is
a big step forward for that country, in my personal opinion.

There is no comparison between a union contract and what has happened in
Ireland.  Union contracts don't involve the union agreeing not to be a
union any more and joining the bosses.  Or, if they do, we denounce them
as betrayals.

The interview with the Cuban ambassador is interesting for a couple of

One is that SF was never much interested in Cuba.  I recall once briefly
mentioning Cuba to Joe Cahill (a veteran Provo, long-time Army Council
member, recently deceased) and he just grunted, "Humpf, we never got any
support from them" and that was the end of that.  So having an interview
with the Cuban ambassador is new ground.

The reason the interview is there is because the Surrenderista
leadership of New Sinn Fein around Adams are looking for a little bit of
left cover - they think it is easier to sell the surrender to the more
radical ranks of the movement if they can promote it as some clever new
strategy like the SACP-ANC and Fateh (!!!!) and get the Cuban stamp of

For the Cubans, it is part of their attempt to grow their layer of
friends in Europe, an understandable enough desire but they should not
actually give their stamp of approval to the Surrenderistas.  They would
be better served saying they support a just peace in Ireland without
making specific statements of support for the Good Friday Agreement
(which was actually rejected by the IRA anyway), let alone the St
Andrews Agreement.

I can't recall off-hand the Cuban position on the Oslo Accords but as
far as I'm aware they didn't give the stamp of approval to the
"Rabin-Arafat moment on the White House lawn" - the "moment" which the
New Sinn Fein cabal of Surrenderistas are just dying to repeat.


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