[Marxism] Another criticism of New Sinn Fein

Philip Ferguson philip.ferguson at canterbury.ac.nz
Tue Dec 12 14:49:57 MST 2006

Only this week the Irish News carried a damning indictment from former
blanket protestor Seosamh Mac An Ultaigh, who expressed sadness:

"that many honourable republicans are being hoodwinked and cajoled into
accepting a British agenda by a leadership who are using the loyalty
that the grass roots have shown throughout the years of struggle and
suffering; anger at a leadership expert at total in-house control with
no room for criticism or another point of view. . . If Sinn Fein
supports or joins the six-county police force, a vote for Sinn Fein will
then be a vote for maintaining partition. It's as serious as that. All
republicans should keep that firmly in mind at election time."

(From an article in 'The Blanket', Dec 12.  See full at:

Walter, you might want to let your Cuban friends know that any
endorsement of the GFA and the Surrenderista leadership atop New Sinn
Fein can only serve to antagonise the growing body of anti-imperialist
opponents of the sell-out.  The Cubans would be better served taking a
lead from Bernadette (Devlin) McAliskey than from Gerry (Arafat) Adams.


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