[Marxism] Ireland and Marxmail

jmcanulty at tiscali.co.uk jmcanulty at tiscali.co.uk
Tue Dec 12 18:32:58 MST 2006

I think Phillip should reflect on the processes that are happening in Marxmail.

1.	Donal is posting, not humble musings, but as a representative of Sinn
Fein covering his organisation?s left flank.  He takes his job so seriously
that he now has his own version of the stages theory, with each stage being
whatever nonsense the leadership can proclaim as victory as a way of covering
it?s ass. He is posting now because the leadership now face the greatest
strains ever from their base.  A moments reflection will tell the Marxmail
readers that there is a team of anti-Donals presenting a completely different
story to the Bush White house.

2.	The Doctor Panglosses of this world are rushing to Sinn Fein?s defence.
This is a reflex action and can be ignored.

3.	Your own weak point is that you perceive a healthy republican resistance.
 In ten years of trying I have yet to get a republican group to join in a
united campaign against the pacification process.  Most will not offer at
political opposition and nearly all find themselves unable to depart the
republican family. The most coherent opposition from republicans has been
the small military campaign.

4.	You are playing a useful role in that many republican postings in Ireland
have been curtailed by the barrage of derision they are often met with. 
I would however restrict myself to simple contradiction, given the very marked
silence around you.  The Marxmail contributors abstain, either because they
find the Irish situation too grim to contemplate, or because of a retro loyalty
to the good old day of national liberation struggles.  You can?t substitute
for that debate, even tho? the Panglosses constantly push Marxmail towards


John McAnulty


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