[Marxism] Winston Churchill refutes the Brenner thesis

Ryan Ng diamatrix at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 12 20:42:49 MST 2006

Carrol wrote:

"Lou and Jim Blaut obviously couldn't tell the difference between the act of 
conception and the development of pregnancy. This whole debate since before 
Jim Died has been a tissue of nonsense since neither he nor Lou have _ever_ 
even attempted to understand what Brenner was talking about: conception, not 
development. That is why I dropped out of the debate some years ago."

Except that Brenner's most outspoken defender and publicist, Ellen Wood, has 
quite expressly argued - in The Pristine Culture of Capitalism, among other 
works - that not only the "conception" or origins of British capitalism, but 
its specific "development" and subsequent trajectory were shaped less by the 
transatlantic slave trade and colonialism than by domestic class struggle.

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