[Marxism] US callsl for outawing opposition to Israeli state (with fascist-oriented conference as pretexdt)

Mason Gibb mason.akhnaten at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 05:47:46 MST 2006

Yes, very interesting.  But no surprise.  Anyone who has called for
the destruction of Israel has been called an anti-Semite; anyone who
has called for the destruction of Israel is accused of wanting to wipe
out all Jews.  It is no surprise that a politician calling for the end
of Israel is accused of wanting to see an end to all Jews.  I have had
the argument used against me enough to know that is simply how it
Ahmadinejad would be facing this particular criticism if he had this
Holocaust denial conference or not.  Calling for the end of Israel is
all that is necessary, Holocaust denial by part of the Iranian
government is simply icing on the cake.

An interesting part of the suit is discrimination against Christians
and Jews.  From what I know, this has not been occurring, and I have
heard and read numerous statements from the Iranian Jewish community
which, though expressing disapproval with the conference, make no
mention of inequality or discrimination.
Quote Mark Feldman :He could not have dealt a bigger blow to the
Palestiniapeople, or subjected the Iranian nation to a more profound
international humiliation.
Yes he could have.  He could have invaded and crippled a country and
started a civil war--if you have a sensible population, they should be
humiliated.  Or perhaps he could have stood idly by as Israel launches
attacks into Gaza to Lebanon.  There are certainly worse things for a
country to simply exercise freedom of speech, even if it is

Of course it is a huge fucking embarassment to their country.  But
really, is it seriously worthy of this much attention?  No analysis
has been vaguely offered along Marxist lines, at least that I have
read.  It is full of condemnation (and maybe rightfully so), but do
you have to post articles saying Holocaust denial is stupid?

I don't understand why comrades have devoted an inordinate amount of
time to anti-semitism from Borat to Ahmadinejad.  On one side, you
have people who think that Borat is funny because of anti-semitism
(sorry to clue people in, but it is poop jokes that made the movie a
hit amongst its target demagraphic); on the other side, you have
people condemning Ahmadinejad for dealing a huge blow to Palestine and
Iran--but obviously the stance the West is taking is far more
devastating to the Palestinians than Iran in hosting some conference.
This whole thing seems blown out of perspective.

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