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> Hi Lajany
> if overseas colonies are not 
> sufficient, then what else is necessary?

What is necessary is a national, bourgeois, revolution at home. The 
Whigh interpretation of history should not be thrown away like a dead 

The difference between Spain and/or Portugal, on one side, and 
Britain, on the other, lies in political history (which, of course, 
can be traced down to structural reasons which it would be too long 
to sum up here). While in Britain the Crown, under the Tudors, 
established an alliance with the lower classes of the old order, in 
Spain the Crown became the unflinching ally of the high aristocracy 
of the Grandes, etc., and crushed the local equivalent of the 
Protestant Rebellion (the revolts of the Comuneros de Castilla and 
the Agermanados de Valencia). Thus, the riches extracted from the New 
World used Spain as a jumping board and fled to fuel the process of 
capitalist accumulation in Northwestern Europe.

The most telling consequence of this is that the Protestant 
rebellion, which began in _Scotland_, allowed the power in London to 
establish a unified _British_ nation against foreign interests 
("Poppery") while the Spanish effort at reaction, under Charles the 
Fifth of the German Empire (or the First of Spain) and Phillip the 
Second, ended up in the division of the Iberian Peninsula into two 
competing states, Spain and British-backed Portugal.

Those interested might find it useful to receive a recent article by 
mine which traces back Latin American Balkanization to the defeat of 
the revolutionary forces in Spain and Portugal during the 16th 
Century. Please contact me offlist.

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