[Marxism] Lula: "Too old to be a leftist"

Jesse Jack jjack99645 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 10:09:01 MST 2006

I can see how this applies to some people. One comrade I know has been in
the CP for a long time. As he's grown older he has built a career where he
feels he could do more for the cause by keeping his Party affilliation quiet
and influencing progressive people and organizations toward a leftist
viewpoint. It's fairly obvious that he's red, but if he were to come out and
say it in public he could be easilly discredited and would lose influence.

On the other hand, youth who collect nametags and hairnets for a living
obviously have less to lose. Maybe I'm giving Lula too much benefit of the
doubt, but part of me can see where he's coming from.

- Jesse

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