[Marxism] Lula: "Too old to be a leftist"

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 13 10:42:04 MST 2006

You can be old and a revolutionary, like Fidel, Raul, Melba Hernandez, 
Vilma Espin, Ramiro Valdes, and Armando Hart. Always young rebels!

You can be young and a reactionary punk. Age ain't nothin but a number, 
as Aaliyah, the hip-hop singer so eloquently sings about it.

Who's ready to come out here about their age? I'm 62, soon to be 63.
I can feel it. But I'm glad to be alive and active! Being alive and doing
what I can to make the world a better place for ourselves and those
who will follow us is what makes life really worth living. Most of those
in my family who are near my age are only interested in private and
personal pursuits. They couldn't care less about the state of the world
besides bemoaning it and doing nothing about it. Some of them like to
go shopping. 

Look at Gore Videl, 81 and in a wheelchair. He's a terrific example of
how to live. He's rich. He's famous, he doesn't lack for anything from
a material standpoint. But he chooses to use his time, his talent, his
name and his money to publicly castigate the reactionary policies of
the U.S. government, to defiantly dare them to go after him and he's
making a wonderful contribution to the struggle. If a thousand people
would do what he does, go to Cuba without asking Washington for a
permission slip, like grade-school kids need to to go to the bathroom, 
the U.S. travel ban would long since have been history. 

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Viva Gore Vidal!

Walter Lippmann
Los Angeles

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