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Philip Ferguson philip.ferguson at canterbury.ac.nz
Wed Dec 13 14:26:31 MST 2006

The mechanics of the process are covered in exceptional detail in Ed
Moloney, "A Secret History of the IRA", London, Penguin, 2003.

Moloney has been reporting events in the six counties for decades and
has great contacts.  He actually agrees with the end of the armed
struggle and some kind of peace process, but recounts in infinite detail
the duplicity of the Provo leadership around Adams, in particular how
they manoeuvred within the Army and Sinn Fein, lied over and over again.

One of the things that I found interesting, having been in SF from
mid-86 until the start of 1994 was that as a member I had never heard of
Fr Alec Reid.  The first time I came across a mention of him was in a
book I read a couple of years after returning to NZ.  Yet he and Adams
carried on secret diplomacy behind the backs of the ranks - and most of
the leadership of the Army - for years and years.

I recently taught a course here in the community education programme on
"The History of the IRA".  Below is the list of books I gave people at
the end of the course who wanted to do follow-up reading:

some follow-up reading

The conflict in Ireland over the past three-four decades has produced a
substantial industry of academic books, films, novels and so on.  Many
of these are of dubious quality; for instance, a layer of journalists
have seen a quick buck to be made out of fairly lightweight books about
the IRA and aspects of 'The Troubles'.  The reading list below is of
books which, in my opinion, are of serious quality and, in the case of
the books on the Provos, are written by people who know what they're
talking about and who have good access to past and present Provos.

The Provos
Ed Moloney				A Secret History of the IRA (the
best book!)
Kevin Kelley			The Longest War: Northern Ireland and
the IRA
J. Bowyer Bell			The IRA, 1968-2000
Brendan O'Brien			The Long War: the IRA and Sinn Fein,
1985 to 					today (1995)
David Beresford			Ten Men Dead: the story of the 1981
hunger 					strike
Richard O'Rawe			Blanketmen
Robert White			Provisional Irish Republicans
					Ruairi O Bradaigh
M.L.R. Smith			Fighting for Ireland? The military
strategy of 					the Irish Republican
Sean Mac Stiofain			Memoirs of a Revolutionary
Brendan Anderson			Joe Cahill
Colm Keena				Gerry Adams
Gerry Adams				The Politics of Irish Freedom
					Before the Dawn
					Pathways to Peace
					A Farther Shore: Ireland's Long
Road to Peace
Brian Campbell, 
Laurence McKeown and 
Felim O'Hagan (eds) 		Nor Meekly Serve My Time
Liam Clarke & Kathryn Johnston	Martin McGuinness 
(I haven't seen this book on McGuinness myself, but Clarke is strongly
anti-IRA and was associated with the Officials at the time of the
Provo-Official split)
Kevin Bean and Mark Hayes (eds)	Republican Voices

General histories of the IRA
J. Bowyer Bell			The Secret Army (various editions,
latest 					1979)
Tim Pat Coogan			The IRA (various editions, latest 2000)
Brendan O'Brien			A Pocket History of the IRA

IRA in previous periods
Uinseann Mac Eoin			The IRA in the Twilight Years,
Brian Hanley			The IRA 1926-1936
Conor Foley				The Legion of the Rearguard
Michael Hopkinson			Green Against Green: the Irish
Civil War
Carlton Younger			The Irish Civil War

Biographies and autobiographies of IRA leaders of the past
Dan Breen				My Fight for Irish Freedom
Meda Ryan				Tom Barry
Peter Hegarty			Peadar O'Donnell
Tim Pat Coogan			Michael Collins
					De Valera
Anthony Jordan			Sean McBride

 "The Troubles"
Michael Farrell			Northern Ireland: the Orange State
Tim Pat Coogan			The Troubles
Brian Feeney			A Pocket History of the Troubles
Eamonn McCann			War and an Irish Town (about Derry)
Ciaran de Baroid			Ballymurphy and the Irish War

Women in Republicanism
Diana Norman			A Terrible Beauty: a life of Constance
Anne Haverty			Constance Markievicz: Irish
Anne Marreco			The Rebel Countess
Margaret Ward			Unmanageable Revolutionaries
					Maud Gonne
Ruth Taillon			The Women of 1916
Sinead McCoole			No Ordinary Women (about women

NB: This is only a partial list.  There is currently a great deal being
published about Irish history and republicanism.  For instance, over the
past ten years there has been a mushrooming of books about republican
women.  The Taillon and McCoole books are good examples, but there are
now also biographies of a number of the most prominent republican women
of the early 1900s, whereas until recently only Markievicz and Maud
Gonne had bios.  The Sinn Fein bookshop online keeps up with much of the
new publishing.

Sinn Fein - www.sinnfein.ie
		http://sinnfein.org (the bookshop is here)

Irish Republican Socialist Party - http://irsm.org/irsm.html

Republican Sinn Fein - www.rsf.ie

Fourthwrite - www.fourthwrite.ie (socialists, ex-IRA)

The Blanket - http://lark.phoblacht.net (connected to Fourthwrite)

32-County Sovereignty Movement - www.32csm.netfirms.com/home.html
to the "Real IRA" group of dissidents)

Socialist Democracy			www.socialistdemocracy.org
(previously 						the People's
Democracy group)   

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