[Marxism] Roediger and Zweig: an exchange on race and class

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Wed Dec 13 15:13:49 MST 2006

The actual strategic axis of Zweig's politics is one more spin on the
favorite hobby horse of so many white radicals, that by stressing class
issues we can somehow overcome the issues of color (and gender, though this
is more implicit in his line of argumentation than anything else):

"Recombining forces within this mosaic of class and race into a progressive
coalition requires a direct appeal to class interests and identity, while
continuing to address the problems of racism and sexism that remain
important sources of suffering across class lines," Zweig says. 

Black and white, unite and fight. 

Do you know what the sentiment is among many Latinos right now? "Go put a
leash on your mad-dog immigration Gestapo, and THEN we'll talk about a

I notice there's not been a peep on this list about the Swift raids. Big
fucking deal. What's 1300 spics to the U.S. working class, right?


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