[Marxism] The Swift raids

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Wed Dec 13 20:33:40 MST 2006

Been talking to some people active in the immigrant rights movement.

The impression people in the movement I've been talking to have is that a
lot of pressure, anger and rage is building up in the community. These sorts
of things don't get much play in the Anglo media but they absolutely
dominate the Spanish language radio, TV and newspapers. No one knows
whether/when this will lead to an explosion of elemental rage. But the
communities are seething with anger.

Yesterday at dawn, a couple of hundred folks from the immigration gestapo
rounded up about 1300 "illegals." All it would take is for a handful to
resist, and we'd be talking body counts, and not arrest statistics. The
anger is that deep. That's how serious, responsible, long-time veteran
activists evaluate the situation. If there is a calming factor, it it that
there is still a little hope that the incoming Democrat Congress will
alleviate the situation. 

Change that little hope to no hope, and my belief is that the communities
will explode. 


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