[Marxism] A final attempt

Patrick Bond pbond at mail.ngo.za
Wed Dec 13 23:33:40 MST 2006

Ramaphosa once flirted with Militant Tendency's SA crowd, then led a 
tremendous mineworker strike in 1987, and when I worked a bit with him 
and the Soweto Civic Association in the early 1990s he struck me as the 
most talented negotiator I'd ever seen. He specialised in downing 
whiskeys with his opponents. Then he became gen.sec. of the ANC in early 
1992 as I recall, and it was downhill from then. After losing the battle 
over Mandela's successorship to Mbeki he turned to big business where he 
made a fool of himself, taking part in the wrecking and looting of two 
major firms. He had to deny his presidential ambitions recently, and in 
2001 was even accused by Mbeki of being part of a ludicrous 'plot' 
against the presidency.

Your Irishman has a lot to strive for in Ramaphosa's footsteps! How did 
Ramaphosa do in the N.Irish talks?


Philip Ferguson wrote:
> a ratbag called Phil Flynn, a sort of Irish version of Cyril Ramaphosa, except unlike Ramaphose, Flynn never led any mass struggles. 

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