[Marxism] Roediger and Zweig: an exchange on race and class

Rakesh Bhandari bhandari at berkeley.edu
Thu Dec 14 09:58:00 MST 2006

I think Joaquin has a point. He shouldn't have to be the one to have 
call attention to such violence. I am sure that he feels isolated on 
this list.  We don't have television and are presently unsubbed to 
the major newspapers. But I did see on sfgate.com some reference to a 
deportation early in the morning but when I went back to SF 
Chronicle's website to read the article it was already gone.
Identity theft is something many of us are paranoid about, so to tie 
undocumented workers to it will magnify many times social 
hostility.We all have reason to worry about feverish hostility in the 
weeks to come.
Yet it is part of our culture of immigrants not to allow already 
settled working families to be broken up as a result of undocumented 
entry. Of course this part of our culture sits side by side with 
That Homeland Security rather than the FBI is handling this case of 
identity theft does send all the wrong signals. It will likely 
silence criticism of draconian penalties on these undocumented 
workers. This is deeply depressing.

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