[Marxism] Roediger and Zweig: an exchange on race and class

gregory meyerson gmeyerson at triad.rr.com
Thu Dec 14 10:31:06 MST 2006

thanks for all this joaquin.

this is not surprising at all.  shouldn't be surprising for a second to 
a marxist.  sections of the working class can be won to fascism 
(passive or active).  on average, more euroamerican workers will be won 
to this (especially southern euroamerican workers).  but they'd be far 
from alone.

I don't see how capitalism can solve the labor mobility problem, 
especially in the event of spreading crises.  immigrants of color will 
be an obvious target for those detention camps we keep hearing about.  
On other hand, the justification for this treatment of immigrants will 
have to come from lots of "moderates" and "liberals," people like obama 

I've heard here and there news about the rollback of the posse 
comitatus act:  is this just about the issue of deploying armed forces 
(not including the guard) for domestic repressive purposes?  how does 
homeland security fit into this legislation?
On Dec 14, 2006, at 11:28 AM, Joaquin Bustelo wrote:

> Mark Lause "It is counterproductive and entirely dishonest to pretend 
> that
> we're
> ignoring what we don't know about."
> Perhaps there is a lesson here about race and class. Consider:
> The largest workplace raid ever.
> One thousand jack-booted thugs backed by helicopters and ground 
> transport
> vehicles from the immigration gestapo at six plants that employ more 
> than
> 15,000 workers, and they drag away 1,300 almost 20% of those there.
> School authorities are put on alert to look for signs that children 
> have
> been left parentless. Spouses cry desperate to find out what happened 
> to
> their partners. Children for their missing parent.
> On the TV, fascist lies about criminals and identity theft.
> That swine Chertoff, fuehrer of Fatherland Security, holding press
> conferences repeating the blood libel that immigrants are terrorists.
> All of this on the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe.
> Among some people I hang with, the telephone calls and emails have been
> flying back and forth. I was supposed to be on some Soli conference 
> call
> that had been scheduled for weeks last night. Had to blow it off, 
> people in
> the immigrant rights movement needed to talk. We HAD to.
> Here on Marxmail, and curiously enough over on the Solidarity general
> "internal" discussion list, the same query: "huh? What's the buzz? Did
> something happen?"
> I can't believe at least a few people on both those lists didn't hear 
> about
> it. It was in the Washington Post. In the New York Times. On Lou 
> Dobbs. On
> NPR. In newspapers and web sites all the way to Calcutta.
> I think this demonstrates once again that there IS NO CLASS MOVEMENT 
> in the
> United States. "Solidarity" is an intellectual concept and the name of 
> a
> group, not something people FEEL, instinctively, in their gut.
> I know, don't say it's dead, it's just sleeping.
> Sleeping, hell. It is a rotting corpse.
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