[Marxism] Roediger and Zweig: an exchange on race and class

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Thu Dec 14 11:08:52 MST 2006

I think that, by definition, there's just no such thing as a passive

Apologies to Joaquin if I was snappy in my earlier response.  His
implication that we were unconcerned about the deportation of hundreds of
"spics" irritated me, but I see it was more for rhetorical effect.

The reason I didn't catch this story--and many others didn't--is that
yesterday was a work day and we're just not privy to the emails and phone

That, btw, is one of the functions of this list...to alert each other to
these things.

I'll repeat the question again.  What should be done about this?  What does
the immigrant community propose?  What does Solidarity want to do?  What
does Joaquin suggest we could do to help?

Again...and again...the point is to change things....


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