[Marxism] Winston Churchill refutes the Brenner thesis

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Thu Dec 14 11:46:49 MST 2006

Charles but if only necessary what else had to obtain?
CB: Good question. I was thinking that together the two necessary conditions
make a combined sufficient condition.
 Do you still 
leave the door open to Brenner's comparative thesis about the 
importance of English agrarian capitalism.
CB: I'm thinking the two necessary conditions are alienation of the English
agrarian workers from their land and slavery/colonialism. So, Brenner's
thesis addresses one of the two necessary conditions. In Marx's section on
Primitive Accumulation he has both necessary condtions, which together are

 The paper I sent suggests greater importance was successful merchant led
revolution (Brenner's 
own historical speciality!), though that too not sufficient as we see in the
case of Holland which Brenner argues, contra Ellen Wood, was also undergoing
a capitalist transformation of agriculture. There is also the question why
English merchants, coming from a resource poor island, staked so much on the
domination of the Atlantic trade and succeeded so wildly that they had the
power to dominate their society.


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