[Marxism] “Days of Glory” (Indìgenes)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Dec 14 12:02:13 MST 2006

With an Algerian director and North African lead actors, “Days of Glory” 
(Indìgenes) tells the story of four soldiers in the colonial African Army 
during WWII who fight to liberate France from Nazi occupation as well as 
for their own rights against racist French officers. While this is 
sufficient reason to see the film, it has the additional distinction of 
being one of the finest war movies in recent years. With a budget that is a 
tiny percentage of “Saving Private Ryan,” it is many times more powerful. 
Indeed, the final scene of “Days of Glory” is a virtual reprise of 
Spielberg’s film with the four principal characters fighting heroically 
against a far larger German force.

In some ways, “Days of Glory” is a very old-fashioned film in the mold of 
“A Walk in the Sun” or other WWII classics. You take a cross-section of 
men, put them in the crucible of battle and allow them to react to a 
variety of challenges, both from the enemy and from within their own ranks. 
“Days of Glory” has a couple of antecedents that are worth mentioning. One 
is the similarly named “Glory”, which is about the American Civil War’s 
first all-Black regiment and the other is Senegalese Director Ousmane 
Sembene’s “Camp de Thiaroye,” a semi-autobiographical film about Black 
soldiers detained in a French prison camp during WWII after the protest 
racist treatment.




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