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Here are all the stories from the Des Moines Register on the raid in
Marshalltown, Iowa.


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> officials starving breastfeeding baby
>       See below. One of many horrifying stories on the multistate  raids
> at
>       Swift meatpacking plants. Hundreds of workers tried,  valiantly but
>       unsuccessfully, to block the ICE buses. Now la migra won't  allow
>       children to find their parents -- including this baby who  won't
> take
>       food except from her mother.
>       For more, see http://www.ufcw.org/
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> http://desmoinesregister.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20061213/NEWS/61213038/1001/archiv
>       e&template=printart
>       Published December 13, 2006
>       Breastfeeding baby's mom among those detained
>       LISA ROSSI
>       Marshalltown, Ia. — A priest's and nun's mission to find the  mother
> of
>       a nursing baby was thwarted today after they said officials  from
> Camp
>       Dodge would not let them inside to tell their story.
>       Sister Christine Feagan, from the St. Mary's Hispanic  Ministry, and
> The
>       Rev. Jim Miller, who is a priest from the St. Mary's Parish,  both
> said
>       they drove to Camp Dodge this afternoon to find out the  status of a
>       nursing mother who was deported and nursing a baby. They  were also
>       seeking a father with an ashmatic child.
>       They didn't come with papers showing legal status. Instead,  they
> wanted
>       "to show them the need to be free," said Miller.
>       Miller said he knows detainees were located there, because  they
> were
>       permitted a phone call from Camp Dodge and some had called  the
> church
>       seeking help.
>       He said an ICE officer at the facility "wouldn't tell us  anything
> about
>       anybody."
>       The duo returned to Marshalltown this afternoon to deal with  the
> scores
>       of families trying arrange care for children whose parents  have
> been
>       detained.
>       At the church's Hispanic ministry, the baby whose mother
> was  arrested
>       was passed among staff and a community activist who had  agreed to
> help
>       care for her.
>       They said they don't know when the girl, whose father is  absent,
> will
>       be reunited with her mother.
>       The child, whose name was not provided by ministry staff,  cried
> little,
>       and stared at the different faces visiting the ministry.  Women
> speaking
>       a mixture of Spanish and English coordinated plans with how  they
> would
>       take care of children left behind.
>       Carmen Montealegre is one of the women who is taking care of  two of
> her
>       friends' children with family displaced by the arrests. One  of the
>       children, a seven-year-old, asks frequently why her mother  was
>       detained, she said.
>       "She asked me three times, 'Did she kill someone?' I said,  'She was
>       working under another name.'"
>       The baby left behind has her own problems.
>       She has been difficult to feed since her mother was  arrested,
> Feagan said.
>       "The mother was breastfeeding the baby," Feagan said. "The  baby
> doesn't
>       want to eat. Another tried to breastfeed, but she knew it  wasn't
> her."
>       Feagan said she and advocates for local Hispanic families  have
> tried to
>       pinpoint exactly how many children are in family-limbo to  try to
>       organize help.
>       A total of 408 students were absent in the Marshalltown  community
>       school district as of Wednesday morning, district
> officials  reported.
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