[Marxism] Lula: "Too old to be a leftist"

Pieinsky pieinsky at igc.org
Wed Dec 13 13:11:33 MST 2006

I once did an oral history interview with the radical journalist, George 
Seldes.  Seldes had grown up on a commune in New Jersey, where the likes of 
Emma Goldman were occasional visitors; his father corresponded with 
Kropotkin.  Seldes reported from Russia shortly after the Revolution where 
he met Trotsky and other leading Bolsheviks.  (Seldes is one of the unnamed 
"witnesses" in Warren Beatie's great movie about journalist John Reed and 
the Bol. Revolution, "Reds".)  Seldes was something like 95 years old when I 
interviewed him and was still quite spry and mentally acute.  At one point 
in the interview, he was reminiscing about people like Max Eastman and 
others he had known in the early part of the 20th century who had gone to 
the right as they got older.  He wryly commented that he hoped he would live 
a few years longer so that there would be time for him to do the same.  He 
lived to 104, and he never did!


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