[Marxism] Green Party statement

DCQ deeseekyou at comcast.net
Thu Dec 14 21:41:02 MST 2006

Ugh. It's this weak-minded garbage that keeps me from joining the Green 
Party. Every time I think I'm just about ready to jump in, the it 
reminds me why I haven't.

For fucksakes. I'm all for engaging radical Democrats in a debate, even 
people like McKinney, who have more than a few things to answer for 
(like Bush's blank check for war). But the left will get nowhere with 
such kowtowing and sycophantic apologetics.

Yes. Fine. Defend McKinney when she comes under a racist right-wing 
attack. Defend her when her party stabs her in the back.

But the Georgia Greens have tailed McKinney so doggedly that they're 
starting to stink.

Nothing but fawning admiration for her and the most timid criticisms of 
the Democrats (for failing to support her). No recognition of her final 
bill sponsorships as little more than "legacies," last-minute political 
statements designed to shore up her support among her constituents and 
her reputation among progressives (if I were going to be really 
cynical, I'd add: "and her resume for her speaking tours"). How much 
should I wager that this stunt--it's really little more than that--will 
end up on the dust-jacket of her next memoir?

If this is your left opposition, why would McKinney bother switching 
parties? More to the point, why would anyone else?

And beyond that, let's just look at the GP's priorities: cringe-worthy 
ingratiation for the most pathetic of political gestures versus not a 
single goddamn word in their press releases about the recent 
immigration raids, or about the police shootings of Sean Bell or 
Kathryn Johnston. No. No. No. Let's focus instead on the meaningless 
political maneuverings in the halls of congress.

> WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Green Party leaders expressed
> support for Rep. Cynthia McKinney's (D-Ga.)
> motion ...
> "No President is above the law, and we thank Rep.
> McKinney...
> The Green Party has offered similar lists of
> reasons ...
> Greens expressed disappointment that Rep. Conyers
> and other Democrats ...
> Greens also thanked Rep. McKinney for introducing
> living wage legislation last week; ...

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