[Marxism] Green Party statement

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Thu Dec 14 23:13:29 MST 2006

I passed on the press release for informational purposes.  Certainly, the
Green Party is very different in different places.  I would never advise
anyone seeking a clear-cut pure party to involve themselves in it.

I also realize that some people believe that because all CEOs may engage in
criminal acts, we are misleading people by supporting the prosecution of the
ones who engage in the most egregious conduct and get caught.

One of my biggest criticisms of the SWP, when I was a member, was what I
called at the time a lunkheaded failure to appreciate the impeachment
movement against Nixon.  I felt the same way when Rep. Henry Gonzales
introduced articles of impeachment against Reagan over the Iran-Contra
abominations.  If calling the administration to account for its illegal and
unconstitutional use of power entails "meaningless political maneuverings in
the halls of congress," I'd really like to see a lot more of it.

Rep. McKinney may be unsupportable in the electoral arena as a Democratic,
but supportable in her raising the reality of the numerous impeachable
offenses of the Bush administration.  Indeed, her conduct is not a providing
a mechanism for people to be drawn back into the Democratic orbit, but it
throws into stark relief the opportunism and cowardice of the Democratic

The difference seems very obvious to me, but I can understand if it eludes

Mark L.

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